Walking coast to coast

walking coast

Having spent the weekend accompanying a friend on her challenge of walking Wainwrights 190 mile coast to coast route.  (I walked a mere 14 miles!),  I was struck by several things, – firstly what a fantastic achievement it is for her, after recovering from breast cancer, and, secondly, what a vital role walkers and cyclists have in supporting the rural economy. Many B&B’s are supported, throughout  the year, by a steady stream of ‘one nighters’ on a mission!  My friend used a combination of hostels and B&B, and local pubs and, when in civilisation, the local shops. And when her backpack, got too much – the services of a local luggage courier service.  Toursim is vital to our national parks, but getting the balance right and keeping these unique places ‘special’, capable of meeting our competing demands is a real challenge.  Taking a holiday in the UK has so much to offer and it helps our economy too. And my friend raised over £1000 for the charity Maggies, which provides support for people affected by cancer, their families, carers and friends to empower people to live with, through and beyond cancer.