Cleaning aids


Various products are now marketed which claim to clean without using any detergent, or which cut down the amount of detergent needed. Feedback from Green Choices users is mixed: a stain remover may be needed for dirty collars.

Ecoballs are used in the washing machine instead of detergent and can save water and energy by doing without the need for a second rinse cycle. The manufacture say they produce ionised oxygen making for an efficient wash without harsh detergents, using less water and time, and also softening the water.

T-Wave Laundry Disks do not contain any detergents but apparently last for up to 500 washes. A super-concentrated stain remover based on enzymes but biodegradable is available.

The Okomag Ball claims to help prevent calcification in washing machines, dishwashers and toilet cisterns, extending operating life and reducing the amount of detergent needed.

Many of the cleaning product suppliers listed sell these and similar products and their websites may contain more information.


E-Cloths claim to be made from special micro fibres which clean all hard surfaces with just water and to reduce the use of household chemicals by up to 80-90%. The makers claim the special fibres trap and absorbs minute particles of dust and dirt and when used with water, they will clean grease from a surface without smearing. There are several versions available – see their website for more information.

Soap nuts

Soapods, also known as soapnuts, are the fruit of the Indian soap nut tree and are rich in saponins, which are similar to soap. Put some in a small cloth bag in with your wash they instead of detergents. The suppliers say they are organically produced, can be reused several times, and are biodegradable. Soapnuts (Sapindus mukkrossi) are also available from In a soapnut shell.


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