Some brands & suppliers

This is not a complete list but links to some brands to help you make your greener choices.

  • Body Shop, once the pioneering manufacturer and retailer of environmentally-friendly products, the Body Shop has now been taken over by L’Oréal who are in turn owned by Nestlé. As a result they are now subject to a ‘Boycott the Body Shop’ campaign ‘Boycott the Body Shop’ campaign.
  • Botanicals source the very best organic ingredients and avoid all synthetic additives and fillers, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances and colourings. Their methods of production ensure that the natural healing and therapeutic properties of the plants are not destroyed by heat or over-processing.
  • Caurnie Soaperie has been making cold-pressed, hand-made vegan “wholesoap” (the whole of the oil remains in the soap) since 1922 using a low energy process.
  • Faith in Nature one of the longer-established manufacturers selling toiletries and Clear Spring cleaning products.
  • Green People range includes certified organic products.
  • Halos a select range of products and helpful links.
  • Honesty Cosmetics well established; all products vegan and BUAV certified.
  • Lush shops across Britain, as well as online.
  • MuLondon produce delicious sounding skincare products that are “100% vegan and free from solvent-extracted ingredients, mineral oils and preservatives. They are also water-free, saving on transport costs, and are super-concentrated.”
  • Neals Yard Remedies Soil Association certification. Online and high street shops.
  • Pure Nuff Stuff “range of handmade natural cosmetics and personal care products”.
  • Pure Radiance “wholly natural skincare products”.
  • Suma are wholefood wholesalers with a good range of own brand products including soap and toiletries.
  • TLC in a bottle “100% natural & increasingly organic health & beauty products”.
  • Weleda was established by Rudolph Steiner in 1921 and sells complementary medicines as well as toiletries.

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