Greener electricity suppliers and tariffs

Many electricity supply companies have introduced green schemes and tariffs of some sort. See the section on greener electricity for background information.

The following are some of the major schemes that Green Choices has come across. The information is taken from the companies’ own websites and the tariffs they offer and the prices they charge are subject to change. Green Choices cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information, or the availability of any particular tariff.

Green Choices does not have the resources to maintain an up-to-date list. However, Sust-it has ranks UK energy suppliers by their fuel mix, form most renewable electricity generation or by CO2 emissions.

Good Energy is an independent supplier of renewable electricity to homes and businesses throughout England and Wales and across Europe. It supplies only 100% renewable energy, some from the Delabole Wind Farm in Cornwall which is owned by an associated company. It has no interests in non-renewable technologies and all the electricity they supply comes from wind, small scale hydro and solar power generators from all over Britain. It has a Home Generation scheme encouraging microgeneration. Good Energy is owned by Monkton Group PLC which is committed to investing in the future of renewable energy.

Ecotricity build and supply new sources of renewable energy to homes and businesses and its profits are ploughed straight back into building new sources of green electricity, primarily wind parks. Ecotricity says that it is investing more money in building new sources of renewable energy per customer than any other company, and have created the WhichGreen league table of energy companies and investments in renewable energy.

Green Energy (UK) PLC offer two green electricity tariffs. Green energy +10 delivers 10 percentage points more green electricity than the statutory requirements (for 2006 this equates to 15%) while Green Energy 100 is 100% pure green electricity at a small premium over your regional electricity supplier. In 2005 50% of their energy came from newly commissioned facilities that were not in operation when they launched the business in 2001. There is a free shares scheme for loyal customers, and they aim is to make the process of selling excess energy as simple as possible.


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