Cleaning product suppliers

Many of the cleaning products mentioned in the Green Choices cleaning section and subsections can be obtained from supermarkets and wholefood/health food shops. If you cannot find suppliers locally the following websites operate mail order and internet sales services. They are also good sources of further information on the products, their ingredients and their manufacturers. Listed alphabetically, not by recommendation or the range they stock.

The Centre for Alternative Technology sells some household goods and a large range of other green products.

Ecozone sell a wide range of household goods and gifts including Bio-D, Ecover, washballs, microfibre cloths and much more.

The Green Shop encourages customers to live lightly on the planet by providing sustainable and low impact products for their homes. Their shop in Bisley, Gloucestershire has passive solar heating design, a wind and solar charged battery system and a grid connected photovoltaic (PV) array.

Greener Living run an eco shop for purchasing products online, and have a shop in Portsmouth.

Honesty Cosmetics stock a selection of environmentally friendly household products as well as their own products. All their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Natural Collection is an internet and mail-order supplier of a whole range of green household products. They also sell two designs of overhead dryer both made from Forest Stewardship Council certified pine (sustainably grown).


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