This lists includes most of the more readily available greener cleaning products but is not comprehensive. There are other brands which claim green credentials which you may want to try, but read the label carefully in order to evaluate the manufacturers’ claims to environmental friendliness.

Bio-D is a British company, whose range includes toilet cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, glass/mirror cleaner and general purpose polish as well as washing up liquids, washing powder, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. They aim to have the minimum impact on the environment in both use and the manufacturing process, and the products are approved by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

Ecover manufacture a large range of cleaning products, including washing powders, percarbonate bleach (containing no chlorine), dishwasher tablets and rinse aid, cream cleaner, toilet cleaner and floor soap. Most of their products are vegan and vegetable based. They do not test on animals and have an ecological factory in Belgium. Details of the contents of their products are given on the packaging and on their website, along with information on their philosophy and policies.

Faith in Nature is based in the United Kingdom. Their Clear Spring household range includes washing up liquid, laundry liquid, dishwasher gel, rinse aid, without the use of optical whiteners, bleach, phosphates and enzymes. Their products are designed using natural ingredients, herbal extracts and organic material by preference and all products are BUAV approved. There is information on their website about their polices and the ingredients of the products.

Little Green Shop manufacture a range of high quality household cleaners, including washing up liquid, which are non toxic, environmentally safe, fully biodegradable and vegan. The products are concentrated making them economical to use; they are manufactured in Holland.

Supermarket own brands may contain fewer harmful chemicals. For their Chemical Home campaign Greenpeace researched washing up liquids, washing powders and multi-surface cleaners and found some which the manufacturers explicitly say do not contain the harmful chemical pollutants.

For more specialist products such as Cellande’s Glass and Plastic Cleaner, which contains oil of Citronella, is not tested on animals, is non-toxic, silicon free, solvent free, biodegradable, de-misting and anti-static, see the websites listed in the online shops section.

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  1. Jay Rawcliffe

    Not sure if it’s available worldwide, but here in Australia we use the Method range of cleaning products. All plant based and eco-friendly and they work great and smell great. Their glass cleaner is awesome and doesn’t contain any ammonia.
    We also use the ENJO range of microfibre cloths and mop heads but they can be a bit pricey. We’ve found that a generic microfibre cloth and water does a great job. No need for chemicals!


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