Cycling holidays

A family cycling holiday in Norfolk or a lone cycling trip to France. Cycling is the ultimate green holiday. You don’t need to be Great Thomas or be ultra fit either – there are plenty of leisurely cycle routes available, and lots of companies around to help take the strain out of organising it all, from planning your route to transporting your luggage.

A family cycling holiday in NorfolkOptions to take your bike on the train are limited, but are available and need to be pre-booked, so it is possible to leave your car at home and start your holiday immediately! The idea of jumping on the train and catching a ferry to France or the far flatter Holland is very appealing as it means you can take a cheap holiday abroad, and have an guilt free conscious about your carbon footprint. There are also plenty of cycle routes and trails in the UK, some of which are car free. Sustrans has details of all the national cycle routes and ideas of where to go. There’s the famous Camel trail, in Somerset, the Trossacks in Scotland, or the Ile de Re in France. Camp or stay bed and breakfast and you keep the costs down and help contribute to the local economy too.