Courses: specialist

Many environmental organisations will run courses related to their particular interests, though these may sometimes be for members only and may be aimed at continuing professional development.

  • The ENDS environmental recruitment website includes providers of environmental courses.
  • ENDS Directory provides over 500 selected, categorised and descriptive links to the best environmental resources on the Internet, with a section for training as well as links to a large number of environmental organisations, and to directories and websites listing even more.
  • Earthworks lists Graduate, Post-Graduate & Professional Development Courses/Opportunities with an emphasis on earth sciences and related subjects.
  • Permaculture, originally ‘Permanent Agriculture’ is an approach to design whose central theme is the creation of human systems which provide for human needs, but using many natural elements and drawing inspiration from natural ecosystems. It particularly applies to land management, gardens and houses. The Permaculture Association offers a contact point for a wide variety of learning opportunities and a connection to teachers and materials.

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