Gardening in small spaces

A garden can mean anything from a window box to a royal estate and people have different ideas of what ‘a small garden’ means! But anyone who has a home can grow plants, even if they only have houseplants to look at and a tray of sprouted seeds for a vegetable garden. They’re making the same connection as other gardeners, and dealing with the same issues. Like “is there peat in your potting compost?”, “is that plant pot recycled?”. Gardening magazines often highlight container-grown and indoor plants, which reflects how little space many of us have. The limit is time as well as space – with time and enthusiasm, amazing displays can be produced. It’s even possible to grow food and make compost inside a flat!

  • Worm composting can be done in the smallest gardens, and even indoors.
  • The square foot garden is a scheme for growing organic vegetables in very little space. They reckon a plot 4 feet by 4 feet (16 sq ft or 1.5 sq m) can supply one person with vegetables and salads.
  • A surprising amount can be grown in containers – and not just decorative plants and herbs. Even vegetables such as beans, salad crops and tomatoes will do well in containers.

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