Baby food

For young babies breast is best and there is plenty of advice on breast feeding – contact La Leche League (GB). Their website is packed with information and they also run a helpline (telephone 0845 120 2918) and support groups. For those unable to provide their baby with breast milk, there are organic substitutes such as Babynat and Holle Baby Milk Powder.

Increased concerns about the safety of pesticides, additives and artificial flavouring, and recent food scares, mean that more and more parents choose organic when they start using baby food. Over 20% of baby food sold in the UK is now organic and many brands are available, for example, Baby Organix, Hipp and OSSKA, suitable for babies over six months old.

While many organic food suppliers will sell baby food there are some which have a particularly good range and some specialist companies.

Organix aims to give all children a good start in life by offering a healthy and nutritious diet at the weaning stage. Their range of organic baby food uses ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen and cooked in the same way they would be at home, simply and for short periods, to ensure that the fresh, vivid tastes and essential nutrients are not destroyed. Organic regulations forbid the use of artificial colourings and flavourings and most of the artificial ingredients used in non-organic foods, and Organix goes one step further and never adds processed sugars, salt, thickeners, processing aids and unnecessary fillers.

Truuuly Scrumptious creates and sells hand prepared, cooked and frozen freshly-made organic meals for babies and toddlers from four months upwards. All their ingredients are 100% organic and they are certified and monitored by the Soil Association. They have shop outlets in London, SW England and Wales.


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