Finding greener work

A green job could be anything from agricultural advisor with DEFRA to campaigner with Greenpeace, as well as jobs in conservation, energy management, forestry, geology, land use and planning, pollution control, and waste management. Where you look depends on what sort of job you want. For jobs with campaigning groups or non-governmental organisations, the websites concerned with charities and the voluntary/not-for-profit sector may be as useful as some of the ‘green’ agencies.

  • Many organisations also welcome volunteer help. If you are interested specifically in volunteering opportunities, is the home of volunteering on the web, aimed mainly at young people.
  • Naturenet has a whole section of advice on voluntary work in countryside management.
  • The Guardian newspapers job pages are available online and the database can be searched by job sector, position, keyword, salary and location. There are links to other career advice.
  • Many newspapers now have searchable online databases.