Courses: green living

If you want to learn to live a more green lifestyle there are several organisations which offer courses in topics such as solar heating, generating energy from the wind, low impact building, eco-friendly building materials, straw bale buildings and even how to make your own bio-diesel. The following offer courses on these and similar topics:

  • Centre for Alternative Technology
  • Low Impact Living Initiative
  • Schumacher College is an international centre for ecological studies, set up to explore innovative forms of learning for sustainable living. It runs short (2-4 week) courses, taught by distinguished thinkers and scientists, on environmental issues and ethics, and an MSc in Holistic Science. Schumacher College focuses its attention on ecological economics and development issues; the links between philosophy, psychology and ecology; and the new understandings arising out of recent scientific discoveries.
  • Institute for Earth Education – educational programmes that change people’s view of our home, the planet earth, and the way they interact with it.
  • The Findhorn Foundation College is part of the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland and provides ‘education for inner growth and outer action.
  • AMRustic offers the chance to learn how to build an eco house our of cob (earth, sand and straw) in the ‘lungs of France’ (Creuse). 2011 topics covered include: design; soil testing; cob mixing; building upwards; fitting doors and windows; sculpting/artistic touches; living roof; flooring; rocket stove bench; earth oven; natural finishes (plastering etc). Short or long-term stay options. A full work-out for the body and mind, with plenty of fun and creativity. In your spare time, explore the beautiful lakes, forests, rocks, towers and chateaux of central France.

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