Cat & dog waste disposal

The other end of the problem!

Dog and cat faeces are unpleasant, smelly – and dangerous. Dogs and cats carry the toxocara parasite, and toxiplasma disease is carried by cats. The minimum action to protect your immediate environment is to ‘bag it and bin it’ (secure double bagging, please!). But that only transfers the problem – permanently – to landfill.

More radically, you could consider composting , or installing a specially designed sealed ‘doggy loo’. This works just like a bin, half buried in your garden – except that you never need to empty it, as natural processes then break the contents down and disperse them harmlessly into the soil. (You might sometimes see one provided for visitors’ dogs in public parks and hotels).

Traditionally, cat litter has been based on clay or other minerals – a product of environmentally-damaging mining, and, once used, a heavy, toxic burden in landfill sites. Alternatives, made of sawmill wastes, straw, or even hemp, are lighter, fully biodegradable, and can be either flushed away, or preferably composted or buried in soil, providing a permanent solution. Said to be softer on the paws, as well! Try one of the following suppliers:


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