Welcome to the Green Choices Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you will find some of the common enquiries we receive at Green Choices, with some helpful suggestions as to how to find the answers.

Q: How can we promote Green Choices on our website?
Provide a link to Green Choices.

Q: Are there any job vacancies at Green Choices?
A: Green Choices does not have any job vacancies at present, and does not plan to hire in the future.

Q: How do I get my site listed on Green Choices?
If you would like your company or organisation to have a link on one of the Green Choices pages, we would be happy to oblige provided:

  1. Your business or activity is in line with the aims of Green Choices, namely to promote best practice in sustainable lifestyle choices for the UK.
  2. You are a UK company, or an overseas company with a UK distribution outlet. We are concerned to reduce transportation costs as far as possible, and clearly listing (for example) a US mail order catalogue will result in all products ordered by a UK audience travelling unnecessary air miles.

Please contact us giving details of your company/organisation, the website address and at least one email contact. We will have a look at your site to make sure you meet the above criteria, and decide whether or not to link to you. If we do decide to make a link, we would appreciate a reciprocal link on your site, perhaps on a “links to other sites” page. Please use the following:

URL: https://www.greenchoices.org
Caption: Green Choices – the UK guide to greener living

We do not charge for the time that it takes to approve and include links on the Green Choices site, because providing links to suppliers and organisations is an essential part of providing our readers with the information they need. However, it does represent a considerable load on our resources, so if you feel that we are benefiting you by including a link to your site, please consider making a donation to enable Green Choices to carry on providing this service.

More details on our Supporting Green Choices page.

Q: What’s the most eco-friendly product in a particular category?
A: We get a lot of enquiries of the form “I need to buy a new washing machine – which model is the most environmentally friendly?”. An ideal place to look is sust-it.net, a website that shows the running costs and energy usage of over 5,000 electrical products – from TV’s to dishwashers.

When buying new appliances people don’t always think about the long term running costs and sometimes it’s best to pay a bit more for an energy efficient product. Sust-it have done the calculations and found that it is possible to save almost £600 per year by choosing the most efficient products. In addition spending a bit more on something that will last longer also makes sense for the environment

Q: Can I publicise my project through Green Choices?
A: Yes, and we would strongly encourage you to do so! We run the feature articles section which carries articles about projects and issues contributed by our users. Feature articles should be no more than 2000 words, and can contain up to 6 pictures. Please email your article as either plain text (preferred), HTML or Word. Images should be sent in either GIF or JPEG format. Green Choices reserves the right to edit any contribution received, and does not guarantee to publish all material submitted.


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