Repaying your carbon debt

It is possible to calculate how much carbon dioxide has resulted from your air travel, or from other activities. Carbon offsetting is a mechanism for balancing out those emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects such as tree planting or renewable energy projects. This can help those who can’t change their travel patterns, but can afford to contribute some money towards a solution.

  • Climate Care lets you calculate how much carbon dioxide your journey has created, then invites you to donate a corresponding amount to their carbon dioxide reduction campaigns – clean, hydroelectric power for Bulgaria, low energy lightbulbs for Mauritius, and restoring rainforest in Uganda.
  • The Carbon Neutral Company (formerly Future Forests) help organisations to measure and reduce the CO2 from some or all of their operation, and then ‘offset’ unavoidable emissions. They support tree planting, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects around the world.
  • There are a number of other sites that let you calculate the environmental costs of your travel, including the National Energy Foundation and the Travel Calculator. See the Green Choices feature on Your Footprint for more information.

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