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Green Choices is an independent organisation whose sole purpose is to provide good information about environmental choices for the UK public. The small team behind this website have all donated time or money or both in order to keep it going, because we believe passionately in the importance of greener lifestyle choices and of well-researched, unbiased information.

  • We do not charge people to access information, because we want everyone to have the knowledge they need in order to make greener choices in their day to day lives and work
  • We do not charge a fee for carrying links to commercial sites, because those links are there to help our readers to make informed choices, not to favour particular suppliers.

Our research is in-depth and based on years of personal and professional commitment to greener lifestyles. We believe the breadth and depth of coverage we’ve achieved is unequalled by any other site.

We rely on goodwill, donations and sponsorship to keep the whole thing going. Much of the goodwill is provided by the Green Choices team – but we could do with some support! We know from your emails that many individuals find these pages useful and interesting, and that many organisations value the contribution we can make to bringing your campaigns and products to the attention of the public. Your donations will pay for the time it takes to maintain the information and links in these pages, and to respond to outside feedback.

Please help us to carry on providing this unique service. With your support, this site can survive, thrive and evolve into the future. Without your support, it simply cannot continue to exist.

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