Eco holiday choices

Eco holidays in UK

Holidays, for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, can create a difficult dilemma. Research shows that taking a holiday is something very few of us are prepared to sacrifice even in times of economic hardship or for the benefit of the environment.  But what is the most eco holiday you can take?  If you’ve discounted simply taking time off work and staying at home – maybe taking day trips by public transport, then the next greenest option is to holiday in the UK.  And it needn’t be a yurt in Wales or a tipi in Devon – it could be a holiday cottage in Cornwall, a log cabin in the Lake District, a caravan in Dorset or just camping by the sea. UK eco holidays have the benefit of helping the local economy, and although there are still environmental impacts to tourism, they are significantly less than the impact of flying.  If your kids don’t think that staying in the UK is a ‘proper’ holiday, a ferry to a camping holiday in France, or a caravan near the beach in Jersey, or even a cottage in Isle of Man, might satisfy their need to leave these shores.