To fly or not to fly?

With Christmas done and dusted, and the finances depleted it’s surprising that, at this time of year, many of us think of planning a holiday to provide something to look forward to.  Taking a holiday, however, can often create something of a dilemma for those with a green conscience, wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.  To fly or not to fly? Should you forgo visiting that far flung destination? Miss out on helping the orangutans in Borneo, or the experience of trekking in Nepal.  Maybe these are ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences that can’t be sacrificed, but swapping a villa in Majorca for a cottage in Cornwall might be an option.  The UK does have some stunning locations to visit; glorious beaches, great cycle routes, challenging walking routes, and whole host of accommodation types to suit families, couples and even large groups wanting to party! It amazes me the amount of rental properties available for those wanting to holiday in UK, check out the EcoHolidayShop for some inspiration – it doesn’t need to be all composting toilets and communal living either,  by simply choosing to holiday in the UK, you are helping our economy, and reducing your own carbon footprint by not flying.