Message in a bottle – a paper wine one

As I sip a glass of Cotes du Rhone, I must admit to not wanting to think too deeply about the environmental impact of wine. But I know there are lots factors that contribute to an individual bottle’s wine’s total environmental impact, including growing practices – the water used, pesticides etc, type and size of packaging, and the transportation distance and method. Complex indeed.  And to avoid all those bottles needing to be recycled, a wine box seems a far better idea, apart from leading to my over consumption, (far too handy to fill a glass up from the tap on the side!).  I’ve also tried the tetra packs that look like cartons of orange juice; but they don’t seem quite right, or pour very well nor do they look good on the table. So I was pleased to hear of the invention by Suffolk based Martin Myerscough, of a paper wine bottle, GreenBottles! Building on the success the company had with it’s paper milk bottle, the revolutionary packaging is made of paper with a thin plastic lining.  After use the plastic lining can be removed and the paper outer-casing composted.  If they can give the paper bottle the aesthetic appeal of the conventional wine bottle, and the assurance that the plastic lining doesn’t effect the taste, and will result in saving CO2 emissions, it sounds like a Green Choice and I’ll drink to that!

wine bottles by issi lammas