Does fly-tipping and litter annoy you?

Ok there are bigger problems in the world which I care about, but litter annoys me; I have to pick it up (providing I have a glove) and put it in a bin.  Frequently it’s drinks cans, McDonalds rubbish or cigarette packets thrown from a car.  Worst still is the amount of fly-tipping – sofa’s, washing machines, mattresses with ‘interesting stains’, prams, builders rubble, kitchen sinks, toilets, and ‘hedge’ cuttings (at least they will rot down).  Green Choices has recently learnt about an interesting phone app being used in London is helping councils keep on top of the problem.  It enables users to photograph offending waste; upload images to the local authority who are then alerted to its location, thus speeding up the clearing up.   It would of course be better if the waste wasn’t dumped in the first place, this is not an answer to the problem, but one solution to clearing up the mess.