Green Living

This section is the core of Green Choices: pages of information relating to different aspects of greener living including caring for your baby, eating and drinking, energy in your home, gardening, toiletries and cosmetics, travelling, whether for work, leisure or pleasure, and dealing with waste and recycling. A full list of topics is in the menu to the left. Most are divided into separate pages for different aspects, so you can go straight to the issue that most interests you.

As well as researching the issues ourselves, we provide you with links to sources of information will take you to the websites of organisations who are experts on the subject, so you should always be able to get the most up-to-date information. When you click on a link to an external site it will appear in a new window. To avoid too many windows opening, the window used for external links will be reused, so the next external link you go to will replace the earlier one. The Green Choices page you were looking at will be in another window. Please bookmark this site so you can return to it, should you find yourself distracted by all the information and diverted away from Green Choices.

Green Choices also contains lots of other useful information, including ideas for things to do and lists of suppliers.


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