Go Green

A gentle disclaimer…

In green living, as with anything else, what’s easy for one person is much harder, or simply irrelevant, from someone else’s point of view. So take these tips with a pinch of salt, and stay true to your own perspective. Each of us in the West needs to find our own ways of reducing our demands on the world. You may find vegetarianism a natural and easy choice – or you may have strong reasons for carrying on including meat in your diet.

Some people find charity shops liberating and exciting places to dig for treasure – others have a horror of being seen wearing hand-me-downs. A homeowner with a relatively high income, but very little spare time, has different options from someone who has time on their hands but is worried about paying the rent and the bills. These tips are meant as a roughly graded, general lead into some of the many pathways of green living – not as a rigid list of “things to do”!


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